About Me

My name is Hazel Sadler, in the future, I hope to be involved in innovative projects that will alter and improve the way customers & volunteers engage with history.

After three years of working hard at balancing my degree and supervisor position in a large event venue, I finished my Bachelors Degree with a First Class Honours. This year I’ve decided to push myself further by undertaking an MA whilst still working as a supervisor. I have additionally taken on a voluntary research role at International Bomber Command Centre.

I was invited to help with the research & content writing for IBCC’s newly developed app. My writing within the app will work alongside their newly opened museum and will further aid the education of its customers.

My Work

What I Do Best!

Leading & Motivating
Over the past 4 years I have led teams of up to 10. Helping everyone to achieve their tasks at hand, whilst motivating them to be confident with their own decisions.
Interpersonal Skills
I pride myself on being an approachable person. Ensuring that there is a consistent line of communication complementing the feedback loop.
Planning & Coordinating
Planning the future, whilst coordinating the present is something I continue to do throughout all aspects of my social, educational and work life.
Empathetic & Impartial
My education has led me to become an attentive, empathic listener, allowing me to not pass judgement onto somebody else’s life experiences.
Resourceful & Reliable
I have to think on my feet whilst in my current work environment. Where I can be trusted to lend a helping hand whenever needed, without falling behind on my own work.
Persistent & Driven
I am not afraid to fail, as I see it as a learning curve which will help me with my future attempts. With my mind set on something, I am already halfway there.

IWM Concepts

Below you can take a look at the application & beacon concepts I came up with for the Imperial War Museum.
This was a project I decided to take on myself and has no link with IWM.

My Resumé

I have dedicated the last four years gaining the skills that would make me an excellent employee at any company. I have worked hard on gaining relevant and valuable work experience, in customer service and research roles. With my Master's degree, supervisor position, and volunteer work, I believe that I am the perfect person to join an innovative and dedicated team.

Key Qualifications:

Master of the Arts Degree (History) - Expected Merit

To see in detail how I am qualified and why I would be an excellent member of your team, please download the PDF copy of my CV below.

Download My CV

What People Say About Me

My Experience

My experience has helped me to apply my knowledge & skills into different industries and situations.

  • 2014-2017

    University of Lincoln - History BA (Hons)
    • Oral History
    • Academic Research
    • Primary Source Analysis
    • Academic Writing
    My University experience has enabled me to grow into the person I am today. Putting me into situations I had never been in before, giving me qualification, knowledge & experience to help me with me future.
  • Current

    International Bomber Command
    • Content Writing
    • Digital Research
    • Digital Archiving
    • Metadata
    I first volunteered at IBCC as a part of a University project. Since then I have returned on my own accord and now work on an extremely exciting project alongside a fantastic team, playing a primary role within the it.
  • Current

    University of Lincoln - MA Historical Studies
    • Thesis Writing
    • Time Management
    • Critical Analysis
    • Project Management
    After building a network and completing my BA in History at the University of Lincoln, I have now continued to do an MA in Historical Studies. This gives me the opportunity to gain a much thorough insight into oral history.
  • Current

    University of Lincoln SU Bar - Service Leader
    • 20+ Team Management
    • Recognition Proposal
    • Managerial Skills
    • Leadership
    For the past 4 years, I have worked at the UOL SU Bar, starting out as a team member I have worked my way up into a supervisory role. This position has allowed me to gain transferable interpersonal and leadership skills.